Has your dentist recommended a deep cleaning for your teeth? If so, you may have a gum condition know as periodontitis or inflammation of your gums. This condition can cause a variety of problems such as gingivitis, bleeding gums, and even tooth loss.

What is deep cleaning of teeth?

Deep cleaning of teeth/gums is indicated for treating gum disease before it becomes serious. It is important for removing tartar from under the gums and thus reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. This procedure is much different than a regular dental cleaning.

The cost of a deep cleaning is around $1600. The deep clean procedure is usually performed by the hygienist, and it takes two appointments to complete. Since cleaning beneath the gums is very painful, most people can only endure the treatment once.

Do mouthwash and toothpaste work for gum disease treatment?

No. Mouthwash and toothpaste are not effective for removing stubborn tartar from teeth and thus treating or preventing gum disease. There is, however, a new product that should be considered essential for daily dental hygiene at home.

Periogen is a patented formula designed specifically to address the issue of dissolving tartar from teeth. The formula easily dissolves in warm water, and it doesn’t take a long time to use. Regular use of Periogen is the most effective method for dissolving tartar and maintaining healthy gums.